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'The key to his strength lies within his mustache. A gift from the gods, Strongheart’s mustache glows a bright gold and allows him to draw energy from the land to execute powerful attacks and perform great feats of strength, some say he can even deforest acres of land with but his bare hands. Undefeated in battle, Strongheart is dedicated to the people, and to doing what’s right. Although fierce and brave on the outlook, Deep down, he has a heart as gold as his mustache.'

I chose to create a strong character with a striking and bold appearance. I decided to keep the design fairly simple and focus on anatomy in order to convey the power and prowess of my character. I was heavily inspired by strongman characters and martial artists such as Bruce Lee. I aimed to feature areas of symmetry and asymmetry in my character. With features such as the shoulder amour breaking up the character, and the gown creating a solid flow and form. 


I did not manage to finish to the standard that I set out to achieve. I wanted to feature my character in a number of poses but due to time constraints this was not achieved. After creating the first pass of my character, I listened to feedback and advice and aimed to create a second pass with updated anatomy,  stronger features, a more successful texture and more poses. I managed to get to the texture stage but unfortunately I was unable to pose and fully render the final pass of my character. 

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of my piece. I feel that I was highly successful in modeling strong anatomy and creating a bold and brave character that I set out to achieve in my brief. With more time I would have liked to create more poses and an updated texture and animation, however with the time I had available I believe I have created a powerful and successful character.  I really enjoyed creating the character for the competition and feel inspired and motivated to move forward with character art, 

Install instructions

I have included a PDF of my design process and a Zipped Unreal 4 file with the game mesh and textures applied.


Caleb O'Brien Dev Doc.pdf 6 MB
Rising star ue4 Caleb O'Brien.zip 16 MB

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