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'Alert, observant and ever watchful, Cayce works hard to keep crime and mystery locked down in Mega-tech City. Perhaps working a bit too hard as there doesn't seem to be any cases left to solve. However when a strange portal appears revealing an infinite number of alternate dimensions, it seems there may be more cases to crack than ever before...'

Cayce is an easy going, light-hearted fun character full of charm and charisma. Along with using her trusty tape recorder to record notes on her current cases, Cayce enjoys some down time listening to her favourite tunes. Often out on the field keeping citizens safe, she is a friendly face among the inhabitants of Mega-Tech city.

Project Summary

I really enjoyed working on this project. Carrying out the whole character pipeline has granted me an in depth knowledge of the process and creation of game ready characters. I decided to keep the scope fairly achievable by aiming for simplicity. This choice allowed me to focus heavily on the design and identify the areas I wanted viewers to see, only adding the necessary information. 

I wanted to create an original character incorporating themes and ideas that inspire me and sit close to home with my passions and interests. Working from this source helped me to stay motivated during the process of creating Cayce. Hopefully my passion, love and enjoyment for this project comes through in my submission.

I still have much to learn and room to grow when it comes to character art. With plans to tackle more ambitious projects, exploring a range of themes, ideas and areas of character design, I hope to use this project as a springboard to soar forward into upcoming and exciting projects, developing as an artist and individual along the way. 


Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the SFASCharacter Unreal file. Using the levels tab you can switch between the different poses.


Cayce_UE4_Project.zip 55 MB
Cayce_Development _Document.pdf 25 MB

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